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Attention All Private Residences, Businesses & Property Managers in Queens, NYC…

Do You Want a Guaranteed & Effective Solution to Your Bed Bug Problem?

Dear Bed Bug Sufferer:

  • Have you just found what you think might be a bed bug in your home/business/managed property? Are you freaked out, disgusted, and just don’t want to be in that location?
  • Are you finding bites on your body that are making you wonder if you’ve got bed bugs, or something else?
  • Are you a company, or management company who is concerned of an infestation soon to come, or already present?
  • Worried about your friends, family or clients & customers finding out about your bed bug problem?

If so – don’t worry, there is a solution!

Lets face it, the thought of having bed bugs isn’t exactly something you can sit back and relax on. Whether a stranger brought it into your location, or there are nearby infestations, we understand that this can cost you your comfort, potential future business & much more.

We take your bed bug problem very seriously, and aim to make your inspection & extermination experience as discreet as possible.

Matthew the Bed Bugs Queens Inspector & Bed Bug Exterminator QueensHi my name is Matthew Brewi and I’m responsible for hundreds upon hundreds of successful bed bug clean-ups around the New York City & Long Island. I understand you just want to know if you have those nasty critters on your premises, or just absolutely want to get rid of them right now.

Well, don’t worry because…

You CAN Have Peace of Mind With Bed Bug Retriever Dogs (The Effective & Guaranteed Bed Bug Inspector & Bed Bug Exterminator Queens)

Just Imagine…

  • Completely ridding your premises of those disgusting little critters which are biting the life out of you, and which are making you and your family completely crazy & anxious…
  • Not having to be embarrassed in front of your family & friends – by not letting them find out that you have bed bugs (because we’ll get rid of them!)
  • Businesses/Hotels/Property Management Companies – Not having to let your customers know that bed bugs were in your facility  (hence saving you from thousands of dollars in lost sales)

Well, this is possible…


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We are – Bed Bug Retriever Dogs, a bed bug inspection service that has affiliations with highly reputable and reliable bed bug exterminators in Queens NY, and we are absolutely guaranteeing your satisfaction when you choose us.

When you hire us to inspect your premises, or when you hire our excellent bed bug exterminators, you are not just getting someone who is merely going to say they will get rid of your bed bugs.

We take it a step further, by providing:

  • A professional inspector & licensed exterminator who is updated on the latest bed bug research, ensuring your bed bugs are gone…
  • An exclusive bed bug extermination formula blend which is 88% more effective than what other exterminators use..

A little skeptical? That’s perfectly understandable. Check out our Bed Bug Exterminator Queens Testimonials…

If you’re looking for the BEST bed bug exterminator Queens, & NYC, kindly give us a call and lets discuss if we are a fit for each other with. Just pick up the phone right now and lets go through a ‘bed bug audit’ to see if you really do have bed bugs, and then we can determine the next steps to have you back to your cozy, stress free, bed-bug free lifestyle…

We Have a 100% Iron-Clad Guarantee That We Will Exceed Your Expectations- Or We Will Re-do the Service! No Fuss- No Hassles!

Yup, that’s right. We guarantee to provide everything we’ve stated on this page, AND we provide a 90 day guarantee on the bed bug extermination if you choose our extermination team. Specific details on the guarantee can be found here… Guarantee Details

So what are you waiting for?

Call right now at (718) 530-6883 & Claim a FREE Bed Bug Audit and Learn Exactly How You Can Make Your Life Bed Bug Free!

P.S. Spots are LIMITED! We can only handle a certain amount of bed bug inspection & extermination clients because we have massive amounts of work to be done all around New York City. That means give us a call now and guarantee your spot. CALL NOW & RESERVE YOUR PLACE & Be BED BUG FREE! (718) 530-6883


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