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How To Make Sure The Bed Bugs Don’t Come Back

Bed Bug on Finger

One of the underlying themes of bed bug removal in Queens NY is making sure they never come back. Now that a person has just paid a substantial sum to ensure a sound sleep and a safe living habitat they want to enjoy it. Bed bugs can infiltrate a home in a number of ways and not even the most sound precautionary measures can prevent another insurgence. That being said, it sure is worth a shot to attempt to hold these annoying critters at bay with proper bed bug removal in Queens NY. .


Follow Ups From A Queens Bed Bug Exterminator

Make sure that once the hired Queens bed bug exterminator leaves, it’s not the last you hear from them. Sometimes the spraying of insecticide in the home is a process that involves layered control and in many cases two visits to the home are minimum. If you never truly get rid of all the bed bugs it won’t be necessary to keep them out of your house because they’ll already be living there. Instead of blaming your friends for bringing the insects into your home, it’ll be your fault for causing an infestation in their house in the first place. It’s a good idea to see if the bed bug removal in Queens NY companies offer guaranteed work and follow-up visits before selecting them to do the work.


Home Improvement

Cracks along the baseboard and in drywall represent a vacation resort to bed bugs so make sure to exclude them with some basic home repair. Cracks can be filled with wood glue and there is special drywall putty to fix minor Sheetrock imperfections. Also in busy cities like Queens you’ll want to close off all points of entry for bedbugs to simply walk into your home. You can apply spray foam or use caulk to seal off spots where pipes or wires  enter the home.


Keep A Clean Home

This is not only a good peace of mind tip, it’s also imperative in bed bug removal in Queens NY. Since you’ve already required an exterminator’s visit, your house has proven susceptible to bed bugs. The best thing you can do to stave them off or kill them early is to pick up the trash and other clutter in your room. It’s one thing if the insects get into your walls or small crevasses but it’s inexcusable to provide them a breeding ground. Picking up your clothes and storing them where they’re ready to go in the laundry is a way to keep bugs out of your living grounds as well.


Be Vigilant On What You Allow In Your Home

You might be afraid of coming off as a jerk but it’s your house and you should control what enters it. This means restricting other people’s pets from coming into your house and even the people themselves. If somebody wants to visit, do so at a public place to prevent them from bringing the pests into your living quarters. Likewise, if you purchase a second-hand item such as a couch or recliner, steam clean it thoroughly before making it part of your home décor to best combat bed bug removal in Queens NY.


Be Wary After Traveling

If you have to stay in a hotel room, make sure to do so at one with a bed-bug prevention plan in place. There are some bed bug removal companies in Queens NY who have regular pest control contracts with hotel chains and it’s part of routine maintenance to spray for the critters. Hotels are one of the best breeding grounds for bed bugs and other contagious diseases so do a full visual inspection in the bed linings and in dresser drawers. After you return home from a hotel stay, immediately wash all your exposed attire and dry it on the hottest setting. You may have acquired bed bugs but it doesn’t mean you have to live with them.


Be Alert

Much like a disease, bed bug removal in Queens NY is most effective when caught early. You should know what bed bugs look like and look for them on a regular basis. It helps having white sheets to detect them easier and you should also look for unfamiliar red irritations or bites  on your body. Any Queens bed bug exterminator would be glad to take your repeat business but for your own health they’d prefer that before a bed bug bites, you bite them first.

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