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Best Mattress Covers For Stopping Bed Bugs

A home is a huge responsibility. Not only will most people spend a big portion of their entire adult lives trying to pay for their homes, but they will also spend a good portion of time defending and maintaining that home. Security cameras, doorbell monitors, and security lights. These are all just some of today’s norms that can help protect your property from unwanted outside invaders. Unfortunately, most people tend to forget about the threat of the foreign invader known as the bed bug. Luckily, there are also modern products like the bed bug mattress cover that can help you with this very thing. Here’s what you need to know about these products.

What Exactly Is A Bed Bug Mattress Cover?

Would you go to bed at night and leave your garage door open? Maybe your front door unlocked? It is highly unlikely, especially in today’s time. Well, if you’ve been sleeping without a bed bug mattress cover, you have virtually been doing the same thing. Why expose yourself and your family to these risks? You don’t have to when you take advantage of bed bug mattress covers. These products are specifically designed to lock and trap intruders in place, preventing them from escaping where they will eventually starve out or wither away and die. A study conducted at Purdue University recently proved that a bed bug can only go two weeks without a meal. While these products trap bugs inside and starve them out, they also prevent bed bugs from invading the mattress and taking up residence, which is one of their favorite hiding spots. Bed bug mattress covers are essential for today’s homes, especially with the current bed bug threat in your area. The real question you should be asking is, what do I need to consider when buying one of these products? That’s another thing we are here to help with.

It Must Fully Encase

While there are a variety of styles, types, and designs of these products available, the most important consideration is coverage. A mattress cover is nothing more than a large sealable bag that covers your mattress, thus it must entirely cover your mattress. The main purpose of the product is to prevent bed bugs from escaping while also keeping them out. If the mattress cover doesn’t fully encase, it won’t be able to accomplish this task. This being said, making sure you get this right size could be as simple as choosing the right size. If you own a twin-sized mattress, make sure you choose a mattress cover that’s suitable for a twin-sized mattress.

It Must Offer A Proper Seal

The common bed bug is more resourceful and smarter than most people would give him credit for. In addition to this, they’ve grown even more resilient over the years. Regardless, it is imperative for a mattress cover to offer a superb seal. If there is a way for bed bugs to escape the product, they will. It just takes one tiny little rip, tear, or defect and these creepy crawlers will find their way out. Some of the better mattress covers not only offer reinforced seams on the zipper, but they offer a zipper seal. This is like an extra piece of material that goes around the zipper after it is locked in place, ensuring a superb and quality seal.

Has It Been Tested?

You’d be surprised to learn how many products look good on paper but fail when put in the field. Unfortunately, this is something that can be said for a lot of bed bug mattress covers. Therefore, you must make sure the product comes with a guaranteed assurance that it has been properly tested in the field.

Do Mattress Covers Really Work?

If you do just a little bit of research, you’ll get all kinds of varying information regarding their effectiveness. Some people say they work while some people say they don’t work. The reason for this is because there are so many varying factors that can determine just how well these products work. One rip, one tear, or an improper installation will all render these products useless. Therefore, it is imperative to turn to a professional pest management pro when considering these products. Whether you have questions about bed bug encasements or are interested in getting one installed, you can give our local office a ring. We always have highly trained and qualified techs standing by.

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