Box Elder Bugs

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Locals are likely going to encounter box elder bugs because they’re common in our area. These small, black pests have flat wings with red marks on them. Although they’re only half an inch, they’ll create major issues for everyone in your household. Boxelder bugs feed on trees such as Ash, Cherry, and Box Elder.

What Caused Them?

The reason these pests want to invade your residence isn’t a secret. Boxelder bugs are overwintering pests. As a result, they’re interested in entering your home so they can remain warm during the cold, winter months. They’ll slip through the tiniest cracks and gaps until they wiggle into your home. Then, they’re going to remain in your home until the cold temperatures go away.

Boxelder Bugs & Health Hazards

Thankfully, you don’t need to worry about your health. Boxelder bugs do not pose any risk to your health. The biggest problem with these pests is that they’re a nuisance.

Best Way To Eliminate Boxelder Bugs

Now that box elder bugs are in your home, it is pertinent to find a way to get rid of them. Your options are plentiful, but one method is better than the others. Ultimately, we argue that the best solution is by teaming up with us. Our methods are safer and more reliable than DIY methods.

Do It Yourself

You may consider rectifying the problem using DIY methods. Remember that some of these products are dangerous when used haphazardly. Our technicians provide safer and more efficient solutions. We recommend calling us so we can rectify the problem for you right away. Our methods are safe so call us to protect the people you love.

Our Timeline

We want to help you remove the bugs from your home promptly. Call our office right away. After you’ve called us, you’ll hear from us in 24 to 48 hours.

Safest Treatments

While DIY methods can eliminate boxelder bugs, they’re not reliable enough. Plus, some of these techniques are incredibly dangerous. Use them haphazardly and you’ll expose yourself to immense risks. Stop this from happening by working with a professional. We only use EPA-approved products because they’re safer than others. We’ll keep you safe.

Preventing Invasions Of Boxelder Bugs

Unfortunately, keeping these pests out of your home is not going to be easy. These pests are relentless. They have to sneak into your home to survive the cold winter months. Seal your outer walls to prevent this from happening.

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