Carpenter Bees

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At some point, you’re going to encounter carpenter bees around your property. They might even sneak into your home. Carpenter bees sometimes reach over an inch and a half. You can determine the gender by looking at the pest’s appearance. Females are solid black while males have orange spots too. Although they look like bumblebees, their abdomens are not hairy.

What Causes Carpenter Bee Infestations?

As the name implies, carpenter bees are attracted to wood surfaces. However, they don’t like all wood surfaces. Instead, they prefer softwoods that haven’t been painted or stained. They want to build nests in the softwood surfaces around your home. It doesn’t help that a female and male pair of carpenter bees will return to the same nest each year. Therefore, the damage is going to rapidly accumulate.

How Dangerous Can Carpenter Bees Be?

Carpenter bees can sting. Although they don’t have stingers, they’re still aggressive. They’ll work diligently to defend the nest. Female carpenter bees have stingers and can sting. However, they normally don’t. They are docile so they’re likely going to leave you alone. If you get bitten and injected with venom, you might experience an allergic reaction. If this happens, it is pertinent to get help immediately.

Finally, carpenter bee larvae will eventually attract woodpeckers. Unfortunately, both are going to damage your home.

Eliminating A Pack Of Carpenter Bees

Make sure you do something to eliminate these pests as quickly as possible. Otherwise, they’re going to create numerous problems for you. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to eliminate them because you’ll have to treat all tunnels. If you miss one, the pests on your property are going to remain. Call our office to sign up for our residential pest solutions.

DIY Techniques For Carpenter Bees

Certain DIY methods can indeed kill carpenter bees. Nevertheless, there is a big difference between killing carpenter bees and eliminating the infestation. If you want to remove the infestation, it is best to work with a professional. Call us and we’ll do it for you.

Safer Carpenter Bee Solutions

Our pest control experts want to do everything they can to keep you safe. Working with us ensures that everyone in your home will be protected. We use the latest EPA-registered products to ensure your safety. We know how to use these products correctly, effectively, and safely. If you want to learn more about our solutions, contact our office. We’ll happily tell you what we’re going to do to keep you safe.

Preventing Future Invasions

Once we’ve removed these pests for you, it is pertinent to do what you must to keep them out. Start by painting or staining your softwoods. Alternatively, you can replace the softwoods with hardwoods.

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