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Conventional Treatment

We understand that many of our clients prefer staying away from conventional pest control methods. Nevertheless, we offer them to people who still prefer them. We’ve taken steps to ensure that our conventional treatments will be safe and effective. Our top priorities are rectifying the problem safely and being efficient. We can achieve both goals using our conventional pest control services. However, special protocols must be followed to guarantee success.

First and foremost, we’ll need to visit the home multiple times. Our protocols are based on the recent results of the study from Purdue University. To accomplish our goals with conventional methods, we need to visit the home at least twice. We’ll take this one step further, so you’ll see us three times in total.

  • We visit the home at least three times.
  • We’ll wait a week or so between visits. Doing so ensures any bugs in the home will have time to hatch.
  • During the first visit, we’ll treat your dwelling using our conventional methods.
  • We’ll return once again and treat your home again using our conventional services.
  • Finally, we’ll visit the home one last time to ensure it is free of pests. If we find bugs in the home, we’ll treat the home again.

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