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Heat Treatment

Although we offer other bedbug treatments, we strongly recommend our heat treatments. These techniques are quick, efficient, and safe. Heat treatments are likely one of the best treatments for eliminating bedbugs. If you’re dealing with a bedbug infestation, we recommend using this method. It’ll deliver rapid results while protecting you, your loved ones, and your belongings. Our thermal heat treatments are more efficient and effective than the others. Make sure you learn more about this method before signing up.

How Our Heat Treatments Work

Our heat treatment is one of the most efficient methods for eliminating bedbugs. When you sign up for this treatment, you can guarantee that the problem will be dealt with swiftly and safely. Bedbugs cannot tolerate extreme temperatures. If they’re trapped in a home with 140-degree temperatures or higher, these pests are going to die. If they are unable to escape the dwelling, they will die. The method can easily eliminate bedbugs hiding in cracks, holes, and gaps. It is effective for eliminating bedbugs and bedbug eggs.

The method is simple yet effective. When bedbugs are exposed to extreme temperatures, they will die. Even if they’re hiding in the home somewhere, they will die.

Heat Treatments Are Effective For Eliminating Bedbugs

Our bedbug heat treatments are one of the best options you have. The method works exceptionally well because bedbugs are prone to hot temperatures. If they get trapped in a dwelling with extremely hot temperatures, they’ll need to escape the home. There is no perfect bedbug treatment, but our heat treatments are close. There is still a slim risk that bedbugs are going to escape your home.

They could escape and return after the exterminator has left your home. Our technicians will follow precise protocols to prevent this from happening.

Temperatures Matter

Ultimately, the temperature is very important. We need to always maintain the right temperatures. Your home needs to remain 140-degrees or higher. Plus, we need to maintain these temperatures for several hours. When we do our job right, you can guarantee that any bugs in your home will be eliminated.

We’ll Keep You Safe

At the end of the day, we’re going to keep you safe. We’ll do this by ensuring that you leave the home during the treatment process. It is best to evacuate the home to avoid any risks no matter how minor they are. When you decide to take advantage of our heat treatments, call our office to learn more and schedule an appointment.

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