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Make Queens Your Number One Travel Destination

Got some vacation time coming up soon? Maybe you are thinking about getting the family out on the open road for some exciting action and adventure. Whatever the situation is, there are no better options than Queens. Queens, by no means, gets as much attention as Brooklyn or Manhattan, but you’d be sorely mistaken not to consider it. Want to know why?

The Beach

Rockaway Beach is just one of the many beaches that New York offers, but this one has especially been gaining some attention in the last several years. It’s really easy to understand why it’s getting all the hype as well. The water is clear, it’s one of the cleanest areas, and there’s plenty to eat and drink, thanks to the renewed interest. Head west on the same inlet, and you’ll find two lesser-known patches of sand, Jacob Riis Park and Fort Tilden. While there are no lifeguards on duty here and these areas are less known, they’ll offer more secluded swimming for those looking to get some solitary time in.

The Alcohol

Most people don’t know it, but Queen was once a major hub for all of New York’s brewing industry. Over the past couple of years, the area has experienced somewhat of a craft beer renaissance, while homegrown brewers from all around the area gather to show off their greatest creations. Some of the homegrown breweries like SingleCut, Finback, and Transmitter have even gotten in on the action. Don’t forget about Astoria’s Bohemian Hall and Beer Garden, which offers a Czech-inspired brew that is a must-try for any beer drinker.

The Eats

New York might be known for its ethnicity, but it is Queens that really offers the most diversity. This is especially true when it comes to food culture. You simply will not find more fine, diverse dining options in one convenient area. New Yorkers are regularly hitting up the Chinese joints, stopping by Astoria for the Greek dishes, and enjoying the authentic Thai Woodside has to offer. Whether you are in the mood for something wild and spicy or romantic and hot, you won’t have a problem finding an exciting culinary offering to satisfy your desires.

The Museums

Most people don’t think about going on vacation to visit some stuffy museum. This is unless, of course, you are a history buff. However, that won’t be the case when you hit up Queens. This one little area is home to some of the most exciting museum offerings in the area. Just look at the MoMA PS1 Museum, founded in 1971 by Alanna Heiss, this exciting museum currently offers one of the world’s most important contemporary art references in the world. The museum is actually housed in an old college building and has been adapted by a variety of artists over the years to now off various eccentric and creative experiences.

Queensboro Bridge

Also known as the 59th Street Bridge, the Queensboro Bridge is not one attraction to be missed. Just cruising over this engineering marvel on your way to Manhattan offers an experience unlike any other, but stopping to take a picture will be something that you and the family can hold on to for a lifetime of memories.