Mice Rats And Rodents

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Rodent infestation is a major problem for supermarkets, grocery stores, food manufacturers, convenience stores, and restaurants. These commercial facilities are always under a rodent threat, which must be taken seriously, or an infestation will develop. Fortunately, our rodent pest control is accessible to all property owners, tenants, landlords, and government agencies.

Why Is My Property Under A Rodent Attack?

This is not a simple question, as there are several factors that lead to rodent infiltration. Rodents, such as the mouse and rat, procreate between 5 and 10 times annually. Depending on the species, some rodents can have up to 14 babies with each birth. So, it is easy to see why an infestation can develop very quickly with only a female mouse.

Rodents are attracted to all properties, especially those with structural vulnerabilities. These properties are accessible through openings leading from the perimeter to the interior.

Features Of Rodent Fecal Droppings

Rodent fecal dropping is generally similar across the species, with only a few differences, including size and shape. The mouse fecal dropping can range between 3 and 6 millimeters in length. Their shape is most open like a granule of rice but dark brown or black in color.

Dangers Of Rodents

Rodents pose many dangers to consumers and business owners. It is pertinent to do something about the problem immediately since these pests can spread numerous illnesses. They’ll spread Lassa Fever, Plague, Rat-Bite Fever, and more. It doesn’t help that they often carry fleas and ticks. Another risk is that rodents are going to chew through your belongings. In some cases, they’ll gnaw through electrical cables and cause a fire in your building.

  • Rodent droppings and urine can contaminate your food
  • Rodents may spread numerous illnesses
  • They can cause serious damage to your home and other belongings
  • They could chew through cables and create a fire

Ways To Get Rid Of Rodents

It isn’t easy to remove rodents from a home or business. It’ll be tougher than you could ever imagine because these pests are difficult to deal with. Call our office and take advantage of our professional solutions. Doing so is the easiest way to resolve the problem while protecting the people you care for the most.

Our Rodent Treatment Timeline

We’re always ready to help our clients. When you’re ready to begin, call our office and we’ll call you back within a day or two.

Safe Rodent Treatments

We offer the safest rodent treatments in your area. We do this by taking advantage of the latest EPA-approved treatments. These products are efficient and safe. Therefore, we can use them in your home without any risks. Call to learn more about the steps we take to keep you safe during and after the treatment process.

Keeping Rodents Out

You should do everything you can to keep rodents out of your home. Although there will always be risks, you can make it harder for these pests to find a way to get inside. Besides using rodent-proofing materials to protect your home, you’ll also want to use the advice provided below.

  • Pinpoint and seal any small holes you find around your home.
  • Don’t forget to take your trash out every night.
  • Store your garbage in trash cans with secure lids.
  • Food in your home should be stored in durable containers.
  • Deal with spills in your home right away.

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