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What Scent Keeps Bed Bugs Away

Essential OilsA parasitic pest like the bed bug depends on the blood of a human or animal host to survive. They feed while the host is sleeping when they least suspect it, making them a complete nuisance. While they do not carry or transmit diseases, their bites have been known to cause severe allergic reactions in some people. Unfortunately, getting rid of these pests will require more than extensive cleaning. Therefore, it is best to prevent the pest from invading the home in the first place. Unfortunately, this will be a much harder task than most intend. Luckily, some powerful scents might be able to help with this very task.

Rubbing Alcohol

As a known and popular disinfectant, it not only kills unwanted bacteria but can also deter bed bugs. Spraying this all over your bed could eliminate near 50 percent of the bugs. This is if you can withstand the potent smell. The good thing about rubbing alcohol is even if it doesn’t kill the bugs, it will turn them off. Rubbing alcohol is not a smell they are fond of. Either way, you can ensure this effective and powerful scent will deter bed bugs. It has also been reported that this scent can prevent the bugs from laying eggs. Utilizing the liquid form can halt their reproductive systems, stopping them from causing more problems.

Lavender Oil

Lavender oil has been utilized for a variety of activities over the years, but one of the newest is deterring bed bugs. They are known to hate this scent. Using anywhere from 6 to 10 drops of this oil in an atomizer can rid your bed of these unwanted invaders. Atomizers are an extra purchase but can easily be picked up for an acceptable price at any local big box store. It’ll be well worth the purchase, as there is a whole slew of essential oils you can utilize in these systems for a variety of powerful potential effects. The powerful effects of essentials oils have grown so popular and talked about over the last few years that even the United States Department of Agriculture conducted some studies regarding the efficiency of these products.

Tea Tree Oil

Unfortunately, tea tree oil can be a potentially lethal essential substance. It will not only be lethal to bed bugs, but it could be lethal for your pets and other wildlife. If you are going to utilize this oil to deter bed bugs, you’ll want to do so with the utmost safety in mind. Although it is extremely dangerous, it is one of the most effective and powerful oils. You can easily apply it to your headboards and footboards. The powerful antibacterial properties of the scent will keep bed bugs away for long periods.


The scents mentioned above are just amongst a few that can deter bed bugs. This being said, you do have to keep in mind that these scents only offer so much reprieve. Your best course of action always is and will always be a professional pest management firm. We utilize a variety of techniques and tactics to eliminate bed bugs from your property and keep them gone.

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