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Why Queens, New York Is An Ideal Travel Destination

When planning a trip in the States, you no doubt have a variety of exciting locations to choose from. Heck, in just one state there are tons of exciting options. Take New York for instance. You not only have Queens but there are Brooklyn and Manhattan. Simply put, it’ll be hard to narrow down your choice. This being said, Queens is without a doubt one of the better options on the list. Want to know why and where you should consider going. Check out these destinations.

Museum Of The Moving Image

New York City’s largest borough, Queens, might not get as much attention and notoriety as places like Brooklyn or Manhattan, but it is destinations like the Museum of the Moving Image that keep it in the running for one of the best destinations in the entire city. This high-tech space located in the hip Astoria neighborhood is a must-see destination for cinephiles and pop culture fans. It is a destination that combines the history of movies and televisions through interactive exhibits. With attractions like this, you’ll be able to get up close and personal with all-time favorites like Freddy Krueger and Yoda. Maybe you are a fan of the Muppets, there is a Jim Henson exhibit you can check out. Or, you can even try your own hand at film editing. The sky is the limit.

Socrates Sculpture Par

Socrates is without a doubt one of the most well-known Greek philosophers. While you are in the Astoria area, you can hop right on over to his park and Museum. This is truly an interesting place, as it was once an abandoned landfill. It has since been completely transformed into an outdoor museum that overlooks the iconic East River and the Manhattan skyline. You can still get your feel of the big city while checking out the finest art and sculpture exhibits Queens has to offer. There are a variety of works, including some from famous artists that date back to the eighties.

Noguchi Museum

Located just a block from t the Socrates Sculpture Par, you’ll find the Noguchi Museum. It is here, you will find an entire collection of Japanese American art. The art was created by Isamu Noguchi and comes with its very own outdoor sculpture garden. Whether you are a fan of statues or Japanese designs, you will not be disappointed with everything this exciting location has to offer.

Flushing Meadows Corona Park

Speaking of parks in Queens, it is perhaps the Flushing Meadows that is the most well-known, thanks to it taking center stage during the 1964 World’s Fair. It’s also one of the largest parks in Queens, if not the largest, that features several top attractions and cultural institutions. There is the Queen Botanical Garden, New York Hall of Science, Queens Museum, Queens Theater, and Citi Field. It would be more than easy for the entire family to burn a whole day here. There is literally an offering for every type of person imaginable.